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Self-Assessment 1:  What KSAOs Do You Have? CS210, Unit 2 Student Name: Chosen Profession: Respond to the following questions.  The definitions for ability, skill, and knowledge are in  the Reading section of Unit 1. Try to respond with very few words per item.   1. What three abilities do you enjoy performing? (Example:  talking and listening to  senior citizens) a: Communicating b: Problem Solving c: Listening 2. What skill do you possess that you enjoy using?  (Example:  being patient) a: Good Listening b: Very Observant c: Good Problem Solver 3. What knowledge have you acquired that you would enjoy using? (Example:  psychology) a: Criminal justice procedures                      b: Incarceration alternatives c: Crime Prevention 4. What jobs within your chosen profession might provide you the opportunity to use  these nine enjoyable KSAs?  (Example:  A nurse in a retirement, nursing, or 
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Phil Sumner_Unit 2 - SelfAssessment1:WhatKSAOsDoYouHave...

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