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Phil Sumner-unit 3 - SelfAssessment3:...

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Self-Assessment 3: Interests and Personality Type* Student Name: ________Phil Sumner____________ Date: __________ Purpose:  To identify personal interests. Instructions:   1. Circle any activities in this table that interest you. 1 2 3 4 5 6 A Fix  mechanical  things Work on a  scientific  project Sketch, draw  or paint Work as a  volunteer  for a  charity Operate my  own business Operate  office  machines B Take a  Woodworking  class Study the  stars through  a telescope Play in a  band or  orchestra Help  others with  their  personal  problems Serve as an  officer of a  group Computer  business  figures C Take an Auto  Mechanics  class Solve a  mathematical  problem Create  photographs Work as a  speech  therapist Supervise the  work of  others Take an  Accounting  class D Work  outdoors Investigate a  crime scene Take an Art  class Work as a  nurse Lead a group  to accomplish  a goal Take a  Commercial  Math class E Operate  motorized  machines or  equipment Read  scientific  books or  magazines Act in a play Teach  children Read  business  magazines or  articles Work in an  office F Build things Do a lot of  thinking Design  fashions Teach or  train  others Meet  important  people Write a  business  letter G Work alone Use a  microscope Design  interiors Lead a  group  discussion Give a talk or  speech Use a  computer H Tend/Train  animals Do  complicated  calculations Read fiction,  plays or  poetry Play a  team sport Sell things Keep  accurate  records I Pitch a tent Understand  physics laws  and theories Attend  concerts, the  theater, or  an art exhibit Help  others  resolve a  dispute Promote or  spread an  idea Be  responsible  for details
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1 2 3 4 5 6 J Solve  mechanical  puzzles Interpret  formulas Work on  crafts Participate  in a  meeting Win a  leadership or  sales award
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