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Communication 1 The relationship of Self Concept and Perception through Communication Phil Sumner Interpersonal Communications Professor Bishop March 24, 2009
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Communication 2 There are many forms of communication and many aspects of communication. The two that will be discussed in this paper are self-concept and perception. Both of these aspects detail the way that we will communicate with others. Without self-concept there would be no perception. People tend to perceive things by what their self concept is. In this paper the writer will define each of these attributes and how they an active role in good communication. This writer will then describe an event or conversation that both his self-concept and perception played a part in how the conversation went. Self –concept is defined by (Doyle, 2005) as the accumulation of knowledge about the self, such as beliefs regarding personality, traits, physical characteristics, abilities, values, goals, and roles. The development of our own self-concept begins when we are infants. Self-concept develops when we start to organize the information about ourselves in a way to allow us to understand the relationship between ourselves and our social surroundings. Once we finally do
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Unit 4 Project_Phil Sumner - 1 Communication The...

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