Unit 6 project_Phil Sumner

Unit 6 project_Phil Sumner - 873 Cambria St. Cresson, PA...

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Unformatted text preview: 873 Cambria St. Cresson, PA 16630 June 23, 2009 Mrs. Elizabeth Eckenrode Field human Resource Officer 2 State Correctional Institution at Cresson Old Rt. 22 Cresson, Pa 16630 Dear Mrs. Eckenrode, I was excited to read about the position of Correction Counselor Trainee that had become available. Mr. Chris Danison the Unit Manager of B, C, and H recommended that this position at your institution has endless possibilities, and would be a great learning experience, so I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to learn more about this position. The enclosed resume will define my qualifications for this job posting. I ensure you that my qualifications emulate the requirements that are listed on your job posting: 18 college credits in criminal justice 5 years experience in the criminal justice field An equivalent combination of education or work experience As you have requested a list of references is included. Please do not hesitate to contact any of them so they may enlighten you on my, self motivating attitude and my willingness to learn new things. I truly hope that we can set aside some time in the near future to discuss the potential opportunity of working with one another. I will call you on June 23, 2009 to further discuss these opportunities and hopefully set up a convenient time for us to meet....
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Unit 6 project_Phil Sumner - 873 Cambria St. Cresson, PA...

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