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Running head: 1 Diversity in the Workplace Diversity among the human population is on the rise, and what use to be the majority is now becoming a minority. Companies around the globe must now adjust for the problems that may arise with such a diverse workforce. Although it would be nice to say that everyone from different races get along but we as a society know that this is just not true. In many cases people like to deal with people of their own race, creed, or religion. This can be very difficult for an organization to overcome arising problems when the majority of one race is in charge of another race, or races. This statement holds true within this writer’s organization. This writer is currently employed within the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections located at the State Correctional Institution of Cresson (SCI Cresson). SCI Cresson Staff SCI Cresson is located in the mountains of western Pennsylvania and is out of the reach of any major metropolis. The staff at SCI Cresson is made up of mostly white males with ages that range from twenty one to fifty five. This writer falls right into the middle of that range by having the age of thirty one. The specific tasks of this writer’s job are to ensure the care custody and control of the inmate population of SCI Cresson. This task, depending on the day can be very simple where the officers go through their shift with no discrepancies, or it can be very difficult where problems arise within the inmate population and a more diverse staff would be able to resolve these instances much easier.
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[Title] 2 SCI Cresson Inmate Population The inmate population at SCI Cresson is no different than any other prison located within the United States. An inmate population within any prison environment is one of the most
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Individual - Running head 1 Diversity in the Workplace...

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