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Lab 2: October Weather Observations 180 points This exercise has four purposes: 1. to get you into the habit of observing the weather, 2. to give you practice in the basic elements of plotting weather data, 3. to give you experience in reading and interpreting weather maps, 4. to have you compare current weather with past weather. In this exercise you will: 1. keep a daily record of weather for the month of October, and 2. compare the weather of this October with the long-term October climatological normals. The daily data you will collect are of two types. 1. Observations for a fixed time each day. The time is up to you but it must be during daylight hours and should be when you have access to the internet. The data to be collected at the fixed time are: • temperature and dewpoint (both in o F), wind speed (in knots) and wind direction at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) at your chosen observation time. You will obtain these values from: • “present weather” and the amount and type of cloud cover at your observation time. You will get these data by going outside and making your own observations and estimates. • Weather conditions around the region and country: location of fronts, high or low pressure systems, areas of cloud cover, and location(s) of any precipitation. You can get this information from links included on the “useful weather sites” page, available on the class Moodle site: 2. Climatological data for each day: • Maximum temperature for the day • Minimum temperature for the day • Total precipitation for the day You can get this information each day from . At the end of the month, the full monthly data will be linked to the Lab 2 page on the class Moodle site. You will plot all of your observations, plus the climatological information, on the accompanying form.
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lab_02_october_obs_description-1 - Lab 2 October Weather...

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