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PSY 3001W Lab 2 Using Databases and Indexes Why Are We Doing This?: Scientific research builds on previous research to increase our existing knowledge base. In manuscripts describing your research, you must refer to the theories and results of previous research and explain how your research builds upon the previous research. Therefore, you must be able to locate relevant published research. This exercise is designed (1) to teach you to search the scientific literature for published research that is relevant to a topic of interest and (2) to familiarize you with the format of published research manuscripts so that you can quickly and easily find the information you are looking for. However, searching the literature in itself is not the most exciting activity in the world, so we have framed the instructional activity as a thrilling, cutthroat, competitive event. Databases and indexes are resources that help you find articles pertaining to a topic of interest. Typically they allow you to search for an article or book based on information that you provide. You can do this in one of several ways: Search by keyword: This allows you to search for all articles in the database on a topic of interest. Search by author: This allows you to find articles written by a given author. Search by title: This allows you to find an article when you know its title. Databases and Indexes There are many different databases and indexes that can be used to search for articles. You can see a list of indexes and databases available through the U of M library by going to the web site,
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Searching_Databases_Preview - PSY 3001W Lab 2 Using...

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