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9/15/10 1 Goals of the scientific study of behavior Description of behavior Prediction of behavior Explanation of behavior Determining causes of behavior (control of the phenomenon) Determining causes of behavior Temporal precedence Covariation of cause and effect Elimination of plausible alternative explanations Basic vs. Applied Research Benjamin Franklin and electricity Theorized about the nature of lightning Observed that lightning is attracted to sharp points Basic research can lead to applications:
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Unformatted text preview: lightning rod Physical and psychological benefits Lightning rod interferes with the will of God Sources of Research Ideas Common sense Observation Theories Past research Practical problems Organize facts – “intervening variable” Guide future research ex: thirst To be of use to us, theories must be falsifiable Dr. Benjamin Rush - bloodletting “Theory of Knocking Rhythms” The more ways a theory could be wrong, the more useful it is ESP...
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