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W3_IntroOutlineAssignment - PSY 3001W Lab 3 Writing...

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PSY 3001W Lab 3 Writing Assignment W3: Introduction Outline The purpose of this assignment is to help you organize your introduction. Because constructing a well- organized and effective argument in your introduction section is often the most challenging aspect of writing an APA-style paper, it is often helpful to begin by creating an outline. This lets you assess the usefulness of your sources and also makes you consider how to best organize your information and how you will connect ideas. Finally, as your Section Leader looks over your outlines, he or she will be able to give you pointers on what aspects may still need more support or how to better arrange your information. In order to create your outline, your group must have at least a working plan for performing your study. Your group may decide to change details of the study at a later time, but for this assignment you are required to provide your hypothesis as well as a general description of how the study will be conducted. Complete the assignment as follows:
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