Final%20Review%20Outline - Final Review/Outline (Last 1/3...

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Unformatted text preview: Final Review/Outline (Last 1/3 of the Material) Here is a list of basic terms and concepts that we have discussed since the second midterm. Since the Final is cumulative, the other two review sheets are also good places to help focus your studies. Please be aware that this list does not carry with it a promise that the test will cover only the items included on it; the list merely details the most important material. 1. Lecture 12 - Correlation (a) Scatterplot (b) Covariance i. What does it measure? what is its range? (c) Standardization (d) Correlation Coefficient i. How to calculate it and test it ii. Properties (e) Correlation vs Causation (f) Problems with Correlation i. Range Restriction ii. Heterogeneous Subsamples iii. Outliers iv. Non-linear effects (g) Chapter 9 (h) STUFF YOU DONT NEED TO KNOW i. Sections 9.5, 9.11, and 9.12 in the book. 2. Lecture 13 - Regression (a) Criterion (b) Predictor (c) Slope (d) Intercept (e) Calculating the regression line i. using the regression equaiton to predict observationsi....
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Final%20Review%20Outline - Final Review/Outline (Last 1/3...

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