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T H Q 1 P a g e | 1 COURSE: CGS1060C – COMP LITERACY INSTRUCTOR: GABRIEL CHERY REF#: 393566 TAKE HOME QUIZ 1 DATE: 09/25/2010 STUDENT NAME ……………Michael Barron………………………………………………………. . A-TRUE/FALSE 1. __F__A computer can do everything by itself 2. _T___Software is also called a program 3. __F__Computer has nothing to do with global communications 4. __T__Data is a collection of unprocessed items 5. __F__Information is an output device 6. __T__Computers process data into information 7. __T__Printers are output devices 8. __T__A USB flash drive is a portable storage device 9. __T__Data can be stored on C:\ 10. __T__One advantage of using computers is public safety 11. _F___One disadvantage of using computers is speed 12. __F__When a computer connects to a network it is offline 13. __T__The Internet is a worldwide collection of networks 14. __F__A Website is a collection of unrelated Web pages 16. _F___ Examples of Operating systems: Windows Vista 17. __T__ MS Word & PowerPoint are Applications Software 18. __T__Most operating Systems include several utility programs for managing some devices 19. __F__A desktop computer is referred as a mobile computer 20. __T__ Laptop and Desktop are PCs
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T H Q 1 P a g e | 2 21. __T__ Smart Phones can send and receive email messages and access the Web
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C_____Broward_College____CGS1060_THQ1_SAT_CLASS - THQ1 Page...

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