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Haussmann's Paris and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts The Paris Opera and the problem of modernity: can a Neoclassical building be modern? Paris as the capital of 19 th century modernity: the city as the product of overlapping economic, social, political and technological revolutions. A. Urban redevelopment under Napoleon III and the supervision of Baron Georges-Eugene Haussmann (1809-91), from 1853-1870. New radial and peripheral boulevards to improve traffic circulation, public order, and sanitation. "Creative destruction" of the medieval city fabric: expropriation of broad swaths alongside planned boulevards produces rational urban block geometries. Gentrification through private development yields new apartment housing for the fashionable middle class. Highly regulated building codes and zoning create an extended urban ensemble: streetscapes consisting of planar 'background' apartment buildings accented by the horizontal lines of balconies, with monuments as 'terminal accents' to mark vistas. Paris is acclaimed as the world's most beautiful city. B. The Ecole des Beaux~Arts: an educational method and a design philosophy. The 19 th century Ecole charged no tuition and was open to any male from 15 to 30 years old who could pass a difficult entrance exam. A four-step training process: the student begins as an aspirant, then progresses to student first class, second class, and finally competes for the Grand Prix de Rome. Class attendance was voluntary: one could take exams without going to lectures. While studying, students paid to work in an atelier (architect's office) with an Ecole des Beaux-Arts instructor as their patron (mentor). From start to end, this educational process took 10 to 15 years. The annual recipient of the Grand
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