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Week 3 Assignment 1

Week 3 Assignment 1 - College scholarships can take away a...

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College scholarships can take away a lot of the financial stress that becoming a college student can bring. In this article, they have a College Goal Sunday set up for many different schools, and what this is is a day when students and their families may come in to the school and get help filling out the federal Application for Free Student Aid, or FAFSA form. Many people become very anxious with the process of filling out the FAFSA forms and College Goal Sunday helps get them through that so they can get their pin numbers or identification numbers and file the form online. Many students can benefit greatly from this by getting federal work study, pell grants or other grants that many be applied to their tuition and other expenses. I believe that this is a very good idea and a very helpful way to help people get through the FAFSA forms. Monica Springer. (22 February). Event eases stress of college financial aid. McClatchy - Tribune Business News,***[insert pages]***. Retrieved February 25, 2010, from Business
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