List the steps you would take to access OLS

List the steps you would take to access OLS - List the...

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List the steps you would take to access OLS . – To access OLS, you go to the website and login to your student website. From there, at the top of the page you will see Home, classroom, Library, program and account. You click on discussion and you are in the OLS. How do you access the Main forum? –Once you are in the OLS, on your left hand side you can see your Forums section, the first one is the Main forum. Click on it and you are in. How do you access your Individual forum? When you are in the OLS, and again on the left hand side of the screen under forums, you will find individual forum. Click on it and you’re in. How did you find the orientation readings? Once you are in the classroom, right under where it says classroom you will find and option for materials. Click there and you will see all the readings you will need for each assignment. Where must you post your assignments? All assignments are posted in my individual forum. Where does class discussion take place?
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