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Goal: Get out of debt and stay out of debt by bettering myself and furthering my education and improving my finical status within the next 5 years. Type of goal: long term goal. Purpose of goal : to be happy and have a more stable life for m my family and my self. Major benefit to me: to be happy and have a more stable life for my family and my self. Benefit to others: a more secure and happy life Barriers: Could take some time need to pass classes be serious about school,
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Unformatted text preview: and balance all other aspects of life effectively (work, school, family, fun); need to get a career not just a job. Solution: keep up on school work, stay focused on tasks and ask for help when needed. Action milestones: pass classes; get degree; get promotion at work or find a better job; pay off bills; stop paying for things on credit cards. Overall target date: September 30, 2012...
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