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Buy vs. lease - that he calculator has made for me One...

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The Auto calculator has suggested that I lease my next car. I am actually in the market for a new car and I was thinking of leasing a car. I am in a lease now and I am thinking I would do it again. The payments are usually less and you are able to get a new car every few years. I do not drive all that much, and I am not even close to the amount of miles I am allowed for the lease I am in right now. I have thought about how it would be nice to purchase a car, but I think a lease is still the best option for me at this point and time. I do think I will follow the recommendation
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Unformatted text preview: that he calculator has made for me. One reason why I would is because I was already leaning in that direction anyways. Another reason is the website is designed to ask specific questions and tell you what would best fit your needs. I have to respect that and take that into consideration when making my decision as well. I think when I go to purchase a new vehicle, I am going to keep my options open on all sides and see where and how I can get the best deal for me. Ultimately what it will boil down to is how I can get the payment where I need it....
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