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9-29-10.Out - Who Built the Mounds Myth of Mound Builders...

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1 Anthro 2 Reading: Ashmore + Sharer Ch. 2 9/29/10 V. HISTORY OF ARCHAEOLOGY 1. Practice of American Archaeology (1900-1920) A. Roots of Anthropological Archaeology Split from Classical Archaeology ( ancient history, theology, ancient text), Prehistory As Practiced in Europe - Primarily stemmed from the study of Native peoples of the Americas B. Study of Native American Societies Historic Continuity – Present and Past Societies Smithsonian Institution – Bureau of American Ethnology (1894), National Museum (1879) - Trained as Anthropologists - Found that contemporary Native Americans still had similar lifestyles as in the past, similar to what they learned from artifacts. C. Direct Historical Approach – Holistic Anthropological Perspective; Use knowledge of present to reconstruct lifeways of past - Developed holistic anthropological method D. Example: Mound Builders’ Debate, Cyrus Thomas, Late Prehistoric Mounds of Midwest and Southeast (burial,chief houses, geometric mounds), myth of the mounds
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Unformatted text preview: Who Built the Mounds? Myth of Mound Builders Theories:-Local native people-Lost civilizations (was predominant theory; built by civilized people of Mesoamerica)-Cyrus Thomas was in charge of discovering who built the mounds. Research: historical, holistic anthropology and concluded that Natives built the mounds. Looked at the material culture of the mounds and compared it to ethnographic features in the US -Written documents described Natives using mounds. French explorers (1682-1720) described mounds of Natchez Indians Early Development of Historical Anthropology: Archaeology/Ethnography, Ethnohistory, Biological Anthropology; Direct Historical Approach as Ethnographic Analogy E. Anthropological Arch – taught in first Anthro Dept 2. Culture History Approach (1920-1960) Recognition: Native American antiquity + Change A. Chronology Building Stratigraphic Excavation: Law of Superposition, Seriation (Three-Age System, Max Uhle,...
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9-29-10.Out - Who Built the Mounds Myth of Mound Builders...

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