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1 Anthro 2AC Reading: Johnson 1999 10/06/10 V. HISTORY OF ARCHAEOLOGY 3. Processual or New Archaeology (1960-1980) D. 5 New Developments in American Arch. i) New Definition of Culture (Stress Variation) People Participated in Cultures Differentially Lewis Binford; Southwest Pithouses -emphasize variation – community pattern, households - Study of diversity in material culture. Variation from central tendencies is critical for studying how societies functioned; i.e. pit houses, large vs. small. Could learn status differences by comparing pit houses. ii) Archaeological Context Walter Taylor (major critic of cultural history approach) Conjunctive Approach – studied the spatial structure of the archaeological record , Activity Areas; Spatial Association of Artifacts ( should look at context of materials, compare material to other features or artifacts; what kind of activities were going on? Broader behavioral patterns) vs Modal Types (culture history: artifacts as isolated specimens);
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Unformatted text preview: 3 - Dimensional Provenience; Behavioral Approach iii) Scientific Method – Hypothesis Testing Equifinality, Multiple Working Hypotheses Test Implications (If, Then statements) – what is expected to be found if a particular hypothesis is supported Example of Room Function; W. Longacre, J. Hill Logical Positivism, Hypothetical-Deductive Nomological Model; Generate Covering Laws – explanations that would hold in all times and spaces iv) Scale of Analysis – Micro or Local Scale; Macro or Regional Scale - Gordon Willey (Viru Valley), Regional Settlement Patterns – spatial distributions of sites across landscapes v) Expansion of Field; Anthropology Depts. Grow Cultural Resource Management, Job Growth Women in Field; growing diversity in field E. SUMMARY of Processual Archaeology 4. Postprocessual Archaeology (1980-2010) A. Intro; Ian Hodder, Criticism of Processual Arch....
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