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10-08-10.Out - 1Anthro 2AC Reading Johnson 1999 V HISTORY...

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1 Anthro 2AC Reading: Johnson 1999 10/8/10 V. HISTORY OF ARCHAEOLOGY 3. Processual or New Archaeology (1960-1980) D. 5 New Developments: V) field expands, diversity. There was discrimination toward women in arch. Later, there was recognition that some women were the best in arch. See more and more different people involved. E. SUMMARY of Processual Archaeology – employed evolutionary models (environmental change, tech innovations) that showed cultural change over time. Attempting to explain cross-cultural regularities. 4. Postprocessual Archaeology (1980-2010) A. Introduction; Ian Hodder (trained in Cambridge as a processual arch), Criticism of Processual Archaeology, Younger Generation of Scholars Not a Unified School; Rather Diverse Approaches B. 5 Major Developments: i. Shift Away from Cultural Evolution; Not Happy w/ Emphasis on Cross- Cultural Generalizations; Re-emergence of Cultural Relativism. Must examine historical contingencies, contexts of people’s actions
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