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Assignment_2 - Bravais lattice(b the body-centered...

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NE 125 – Winter 2008 Assignment Two: Crystal Structure (Chapter 3) Due: 21 January, 2008 1. (From Mid-term exam 2007) Calculate the ionic packing factor for NiO. Sketch the structure of the unit cell of NiO. 2. Calculate the ionic packing factor of CaTiO 3 . (Shackelford 6 th Ed. 3-14) Sketch the structure of the unit cell. 3. Shackelford 6 th Ed. 3-66. Calculate the linear density of ions along the [111] direction in CaTiO 3 . 4. Shackelford 6 th Ed. 3-69. Calculate the planar density of ions in the (111) plane of CaTiO 3 . 5. Calculate the density of CaO. 6. Generally, when a substance undergoes a phase change from a liquid to a solid, the density of the substance increases. Water however, is an exception. Water experiences its maximum density at 4°C while still a liquid and experiences a volume expansion (decrease in density) when it solidifies. Explain this phenomenon. 7. From Table 3.2 (textbook), list the body centered lattice-point positions for (a) the bcc
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Unformatted text preview: Bravais lattice, (b) the body-centered tetragonal lattice, and (c) the body centered orthorhombic lattice. 8. Use a sketch to determine which lattice points lie along the [111] direction in the (a) bcc, (b) body-centered tetragonal, and (c) body-centered orthorhombic unit cells of Table 3.2 (textbook). 9. For BCC iron, compute (a) the interplanar spacing and b) the diffraction angle for the (220) set of planes. The lattice parameter for Fe is 0.2866 nm. Also, assume that monochromatic radiation having a wavelength of 0.1790 nm is used and the order of reflection is 1. 10. Determine the directional indices for the vector illustrated in the hexagonal crystal. a 1 a 2 a 3 z 11. Determine the Miller-Bravais indices for the plane indicated below. a 1 a 2 a 3 z...
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