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glossary - NE 125(W2008 Introduction to Material Science...

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NE 125 (W2008) Introduction to Material Science and Engineering Glossary of Important Terms The following is a list of some of the subjects have been discussed either in class, in assignments, in quizzes or in the mid term examination. This list of terms may be used for reference for study purposes. Acicular Activation Energy Aging Aggregate Allotropy Alloy Anion Anisotropic/anisotropic Annealling Ashby charts Atomic packing factor (and ionic packing factor) Austenite Austenitizing Austenitic stainless steel Bainite Band gap Bending Test Binary Eutectic alloy Body Centred Cubic (bcc) Bonding/antibonding orbitals Bonding Energy Bragg’s Law Brazing Bravais Lattices Brittle/ Brittle Fracture Burgers Vector Calcination Carbides (eg. SiC) Case hardening Cast irons cation Cavitation Cementite Cement Cermet Charpy Impact Test
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Composite Compression/Compressive Concrete Congruent/incongruent phase transformation Cold work/cold working Colonies Corundum Clay Cleavage Coalescence Conduction/Conduction Band Conformation (polymer) Coordination Number Creep Crevice corrosion Critical resolved shear stress Crystal Habit Crystallinity/ crystal structure CsCl structure Debye Temperature/Debye Model Deformation Dendritic Defect Structure
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