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Unformatted text preview: 1. In the past five years, only 5% of pre-school children did not improve their swimming skills after taking a Beginner Swimmer Class at a certain Recreation Center. Decide if the probability described is a subjective (personal) probability or a relative frequency probability: The probability of 5% that a pre-school child who is taking a Beginner Swimmer Class swim class will not improve his/her swimming skills is a A) subjective probability. B) relative frequency probability. 2. A statistics class has 4 teaching assistants (TAs): three female assistants (Lauren, Rona, and Leila) and one male assistant (Josh). Each TA teaches one discussion section. A student picks a discussion section. The two events W = {the TA is a woman} and M = {the TA is a man} are A) independent events. B) disjoint (mutually exclusive) events. C) each simple events. D) none of the above 3. Students who live in the dorms at a college get free T.V. service in their rooms, but only receive 6 stations. On a certain evening, a student wants to watch T.V. and the six stations are broadcasting separate shows on baseball, football, basketball, local news, national news, and international news. The student is too tired to check which channels the shows are playing on, so the student picks a channel at random. The two events A = {the student watches an athletic event} and N = {the student watches a news broadcast} are A) independent events....
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