Lesson_5_Writing_Assignment - List four personality traits...

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Unformatted text preview: List four personality traits that you think describe you well. Make sure that one trait is a behavioral trait, one, an emotional trait, one, a cognitive trait, and one, a social impression. Label what kind of trait each of your personality traits is, and explain why you labeled them as behavioral, emotional, cognitive, or social impression traits. Some personality traits that describe me well are as follows. For the behavioral trait, I chose the term aggressive as aggression is a behavior I exhibit frequently and consistently. The emotional trait I chose is angry as this denotes my typical emotional state. I exhibit this emotion more often than any other over the course of a typical day. The trait of aggression is actually a very good example of the trait-situation interaction. I often display aggression due to the situation but my aggressive nature also helps to create the aggressive situation. The cognitive trait I selected is philosophical, which I chose because it reflects my typical style of thought and heavily influences my feelings and behavior, such as my views on morality and ethics. For the social impression, I chose humorous as it refers to the effect I have on others; I have a knack for making people laugh. Describe a single episode of behavior (not a pattern of behavior) that you would like to explain. The behavior could be something that you did or something that someone else did. Explain the behavioral episode in terms of M ischel's Cognitive-someone else did....
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Lesson_5_Writing_Assignment - List four personality traits...

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