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1. Which of the stages represent attention according to the information-processing model presented in Chapter 1 of the textbook? A) Filter and selection. ® B) Sensory store and filter. O C) Selection and short-term memory. © D) Filter and pattern recognition. Points Earned: 0,0 <^ 2. The interpretation of an ambiguous figure can be explained by: © A) Template theory D B) Feature theory O C) Template and feature theory <§> D) Structural theory Points Earned: 1,0 ^ 3. The word superiority effect demonstrates that: /A ) Features are not important in identifying letters. * B) Context affects our ability to recognize letters rapidly. 9 C) Bottom-up processing is the most important part of the ability to recognize letters. © D) Top-down processing is not involved in letter recognition. Points Earned: 1.0 ^ 4. Cognitive neuroscience is defined as: ® A) The study of where cognitive processes occur in the brain. 9 B) The study of intelligence in humans and computer programs.
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