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(^ 1. If you described a friend by saying that he has dark hair, blue eyes and freckles, which pattern recognition theory would you be using? O A) Structural theory S B) Geon theory ® C) Feature theory D D) Template theory Points Earned: 1,0 <^ 2. The interpretation of an ambiguous figure can be explained by: © A) Template theory D B) Feature theory O C) Template and feature theory <§> D) Structural theory Points Earned: 1,0 <^ 3. The purpose for using the partial report technique is to distinguish: 1 A) Auditory from visual encoding. O B) Sequential from parallel scanning. ® C) Perceptual from memory limitations. 0D ) Short-term from long-term memory. Points Earned: 1,0 ^ 4. The word superiority effect demonstrates that: O A) Features are not important in identifying letters. ® B) Context affects our ability to recognize letters rapidly. S C) Bottom-up processing is the most important part of the ability to recognize letters. O D) Top-down processing is not involved in letter recognition.
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