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1. The term mental effort is defined as: © A) Investing attention in more than one task '§■ B) The amount of mental capacity required to perform a task 5 C) Selecting information when a stage of information processing becomes overloaded © D) Limitations in the number of tasks we can perform at the same time 2. An experimental technique used to study attention requires that people repeat one of two messages coming into the right and left ears. This technique is called: © A) Attenuation © B) Acoustic coding Be ) Shadowing ©D) Threshold monitoring 3. The term automatic processing is used to describe: © A) Learning that occurs with conscious intent © B) Amount of activation required for conscious awareness of information © C) Description of how quickly people can react to a target ® D) Performance of mental operations that requires very little effort 4. FINISHED FILES ARE THE RESULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC STUDY COMBINED WITH THE EXPERIENCE OF MANY YEARS. People tend to form familiar words into units as part of the automatic processing of
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