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^ 1. Which of the following is not an acquisition strategy? O A) Rehearsal. » B) Priming. © C) Coding. C l D) Imaging. Points Earned: 1,0 ^ 2. Memory for the context in which a word occurs is unimportant when people are tested by: © A) Recognition tests. © B) Recall tests. @ C) Indirect memory tests. © D) Direct memory tests. Points Earned: 1,0 ^ 3. Which of the following is an example of episodic memory? O A) Naming state capitals. © B) Tying your shoes O C) Identifying nouns versus verbs. ® D) Remembering your high school graduation. Points Earned: 1,0 ^ 4. The levels-of-processing model assumes that the rate of forgetting is determined by: ® A) The coding of an item. O B) Whether the item is in STM or LTM. O C) The number of times an item is rehearsed. 9 D) Whether the item is in STM or LTM and the number of items rehearsed. Points Earned: 1,0 ^ 5. The structural level of processing is encouraged when people are asked whether a word: O A) Is pleasant or unpleasant.
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