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Chapter 10 Q&A: 243; 247; 253 Summary: 256-257 Graphs Production possibilities curve and the economy’s long-run aggregate supply curve Long-run aggregate supply curve and shifts in it: 241 Sample long-run growth path for real GDP: 242 Aggregate demand curve: 244 Determinants of aggregate demand: 247 Long-run economywide equilibrium: 248 Secular deflation versus long-run price stability in a growing company: 249 Inflation rates in the US: 250 Explaining persistent inflation: 251 Real GDP and the price level in the US, 1970 to the present Aggregate demand curve (AD): 244; 247 Aggregate demands: 243 Aggregate supply: 240 Base-year dollars: 241 Brain drain: 242 Endowments: 241 Interest rate effect: 245 Long-run (trend) aggregate supply curve (LRAS): 240 Open economy effect: 246 Price level: 245 Real-balance (wealth) effect: 245 Secular deflation: 249 Chapter 11 Q&A: 268; 274; 279 Summary: 282-284 Graphs Say’s law and the circular flow: 263 Equating desired saving and investment in the classical model: 264 Saving and investment in industrialized and emerging nations since 1970: 265 Relationship between employment and real GDP: 266 Classical theory and increases in aggregate demand: 267 Effect of a decrease in aggregate demand in the classical model: 268
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Chapter_10-11-12-13-14_Notes - Chapter 10 Q&A: 243;...

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