Final_review - Chapter 7 (Man/Serv Tech): technology:...

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Chapter 7 (Man/Serv Tech): technology : inputs > outputs; core tech : ie. Teaching in HS; Woodward : see chart; Flexible Man Sys (FMS) : CAD+CAM+integrated info net/organic, low spec.; Prod life-cycle mgmt (PLM) : prod. coord. & testing; lean mfr : highly trained people; service vs product : boundary(few-many)/geo(much/little)/structure(org/mech); Perrow : see chart; interdependence(Thompson) : pooled =low comm/interaction,rules,div struct,low geo prox (bank); mediating tech : link clients/ sequential =medium comm,high task forces & low vert comm, med geo (ass line), higher mgmt/coord need, one-way flow of materials; long-linked tech : stage 1 output=stage 2 input/ reciprocal =high comm,hor struct & p2p meetings,high geo (hospital), highest mgmt need; intensive tech : variety combo; joint opt : org functions best when social/tech systems match Chapter 8 (IT and Ctrl): Tran Proc Sys (TPS) : automate org routine transactions; evolution : op (data warehousing/mining) > dec making/control (mgmt/rep/dec/exec sys) > add strat value (complexity goes up, mgmt level goes up); Mgmt Info Sys (MIS) : pc-based, provides info for mgmt dec; Info Rep Sys (IRS) : prov mid-mgmt w/ data; Exec Info Sys (EIS) : for high-level mgmt; Dec Supp Sys (DSS) : spec benefits to mgmt at all levels ; feedback control model : set strat goals, est std of perf, compare to actual perf, take corrective action; Mgmt Ctrl Sys (MCS) =formal routines, reports, proced; exec dash : key ctrl indicat, display metrics; 4 control sys elements : budg/fin reports (plan, red uncertainty), non-fin stat reports (cust sat, staff perf), reward sys (prod proc), QC sys (prod proc, Six Sigma: qual standard,3.4 mil defects); bal scorecard : bal fin/oper measures; 4 perspectives: fin perf, CS, int bus proc (prod/op stats, cost per order), org capacity for learning/growth (new prod, low turnover)…small org less effective in BS approach; Ent Res Planning (ERP): integ & opt, info about entire org; know mgmt: find & org knowledge; data : not useful until proc into info; knowledge: req human factor; explicit: formal, written, p2doc, heavy IT; tacit : pers exp, jdgmt, p2p, mod IT; integ ent : adv IT to enable close coord, supply chain mgmt imp…uses info link, hor rel; E-comm org design : (1) in- house: tight integ, leverage pwr of parent, div of main org, can’t move quick (2) spin-off: auton, flex, creative, sep bus (3) strat partner: mid grd, pot conflict; IT impact : smaller org, decentral, improve hor coord, improve inter-org rel; enhanced net (net org subcontracts) Chapter 9 (Org Size & Life):
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Final_review - Chapter 7 (Man/Serv Tech): technology:...

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