Lesson_02_Assignment_v2 - 1 Perdue Farms is a rather large...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Perdue Farms is a rather large social entity made up of a large network of warehouses, plants and divisions. As a social entity, Perdue offers English classes for workers who speak very little to no English. Perdue Farms believes that no one knows about a certain area of the business better than the people who work in that area. As such, there are many advancement opportunities for employees regardless of formal education levels. Perdue is a goal directed organization. It strives to uphold high standards that are above government mandated requirements, while still making money and providing a superior quality product to its consumers at a significant value. It is a deliberately structured and coordinated system with integrated operations that prioritizes smooth operation and minimal waste. They have even created a process whereby they take the used litter and convert it into starter fertilizer. Perdue also hatches, feeds, and grows their own chickens, selects its contract growers, builds Perdue-engineered chicken houses, formulates and manufactures its own feed, oversees the care and feeding of the chicks, operates its own processing plants and distributes via its own trucking fleet. They also recycle the offal and feathers in their own protein by- product plants which is then added to pet food and animal feed. Perdue is linked to the external environment through their work with their own Environmental Steering Committee. The committee oversees the company’s progress in environmental areas such as waste water, storm water, hazardous waste, solid waste, recycling and bio solids. In an effort to control the entire supply chain management process, Perdue Farms purchased a multimillion dollar information technology system. The major goals of this system were to make it easier for the customer to do business with Perdue Farms while assuring that Perdue’s workers could cost effectively and efficiently get the job done. To ensure that their poultry continues to lead the industry in quality, the company buys and analyzes competitors’ products on a regular basis. 2. Organizations designed for efficient performance essentially have upper management doing the thinking while the workers simply do as they are told....
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Lesson_02_Assignment_v2 - 1 Perdue Farms is a rather large...

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