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Discussion Forum Assignment While experience is ultimately what will get a manager promoted, the education that manager receives at a business school will provide the proper foundation for a career in management. Although even the most comprehensive college curriculum can’t entirely prepare you for every situation, it can give you the tools so that you can evaluate the situation and determine how to properly proceed. Additionally, the other courses that may be required to graduate can be more helpful than a student might originally realize. Organizational theory, for example, is invaluable to everyone in one way or another whether it relates to their job or a volunteer position.
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Unformatted text preview: As a psychology major for example, I may one day apply this knowledge to a hospital or private mental healthcare facility. Teaching management from a textbook does assume that the managers job is analyzable but I dont think it implies that formal training is more important than experience. As stated above, this formal training is simply a starting point. This training will also help to put ones own actions and beliefs in perspective by providing a certain awareness that the individual may not have experienced otherwise, which will hopefully lead to this person being a better manager in the future....
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