Lesson_11_Assignment - (1) The students at University Y...

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(1) The students at University Y will have greater power. University Y gets 90% of its funds from student tuition and is struggling to make ends meet. The students control the resources and the university is dependent upon that money. This results in an increase in the students’ power. As a result, students will have much more influence over professors and administrators. Professors might feel obligated to make courses easier in order to retain students. They might also be less strict in regards to attendance and homework assignments. Administrators’ decisions in regards to policies and activities would more strongly reflect the interests of the students, as opposed to the interests of the state. Instead of making decisions based on the state’s agenda, decisions would be made based on the students’ agenda. The bottom line is that the students would hold much of the power and their influence would be more readily visible in the decisions and actions of both the professors and administrators. (2) The engineering college is bringing in important resources via the research grants and
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Lesson_11_Assignment - (1) The students at University Y...

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