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(1) SCI utilizes a vertical hierarchy with the president, Mr. Allison, at the top and everyone else arranged in layers down below. The organization is mechanistic. Tasks are broken down into specialized parts and are rigidly defined. There is a strict hierarchy of authority and control and decision making is centralized. Communication is vertical. Lawson, the styling manager, and Flynn, the designer, originate most of the ideas about shoe design. When Lawson decides on a design, he must take it to Allison for approval who then forwards it on to Shipton, the sales manager, for the selection of lasts. Then the statistician, Freeman, makes a list of the colors and lasts in which the shoe will be produced. This list must also be approved by Allison. Robbins, assistant to the superintendent of the Centerville plant, delivers prototypes to Allison and Lawson for their approval. After a brief trial run, the sales manager’s order clerk, Ferguson, must provide Allison with a tabulation of all orders. Allison then decides whether or not to proceed with the production of large quantities or to discontinue the item. A vertical hierarchy is ineffective in rapidly changing environments such as this one where shoe styles are changing so rapidly. SCI utilizes centralized decision making in which problems and decisions are funneled to the top levels of the hierarchy for resolution. Allison must approve each part of the process which makes the entire process take a lot longer than
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Lesson_12_Assignment - (1) SCI utilizes a vertical...

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