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(1) Pet Supplies Plus is the 3 rd largest pet supply chain in the US. I worked there briefly in a seasonal position and my wife has been an assistant manager with the company for six years. PSP uses information technology for a wide variety of things within the organization. There are the computerized scanners and LCD monitors in use at the checkout counters. There is a website that provides coupons, weekly ads, store locations and information, corporate contact information and special events. Oddly, the franchise has refrained from entering the world of e-commerce and offers no online ordering. Email is widely used within the organization for announcements, daily communication among members of upper and middle management and other business related purposes. Sales figures are entered and tracked via spreadsheets. PSP utilizes Scanmaster software for ordering, checking and changing prices, tracking product movement and nightly paperwork. Alarm logs for each of the 11 franchise stores are transmitted over the internet to the franchise’s main office. This not only allows them to be immediately notified when the alarm is tripped, but they also use it to make sure that management shows up on time every day. The store’s cameras also stream video over the net so that the franchise owners can surveil the store at any time. The northeastern Pennsylvania PSP franchise also recently joined the corporate Preferred Pet Club program. Much like Pet Smart or various
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Lesson_13_Assignment - (1) Pet Supplies Plus is the 3rd l...

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