notes - Organizations are: social, goal-directed,...

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Unformatted text preview: Organizations are: social, goal-directed, deliberately structured/coordinated, linked to ext. env.; closed : depend on env; true closed sys cannot exist; tech core : produces actual outputs; tech supp : helps org adapt; admin supp : smooth op, upkeep, HR; mgmnt : imp & coord; struct dim : labels to describe int char ::: formalization : amt of written doc; specialization : degree of task subdivision; hierarchy ; c entralization : dec making @ top = centralized, lower = decentralized; professionalism : formal ed/trn; personnel ratios; contextual dim : char whole org, size, tech, env, goals ::: size : num of people; org tech : tools,techniques,actions used to transform output>input; env : all outside elements; goals/strat : purpose that sets org apart; culture : val,belief,norm,unwritten; efficiency : resources req to achieve goals; effectiveness : degree to which org ach goals; stakeholder approach : int org act by looking at what SH want; H ISTOR ICAL ::: classical perspective : hierarchy ::: scientific mgmt : Taylor,tech core,decisions based on sci study, standards,$ incentives to inc output; admin principles : design/function as whole,Fayol 14 princ; bur org : impersonal,rational,authority,formal; Hawthorne Studies : + t rtmnt improved motivation/prod; Contingency Theory : org structure must fit env; Chaos Theory : nonlinear rel in complex, adaptive sys, uncertainty, rapid change; learning org : comm/coll;prob solving; vert hierarchy : eff prod,skill dev; learning org : teams,maybe no dept; task: narrowly defined work; role: continuously changes; rigid vs adaptive; formal vs shared- 4 levels of analysis : human,group/dept,org,interorg set & community; org behavior : micro,focus on ind within org; org theory : macro,whoel org; Meso theory : in between- org design : admin/exec of strat plan; goals/strat not fixed; mission : overall official...
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notes - Organizations are: social, goal-directed,...

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