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Based on Thomasin’s reactions and reflections to each planet’s culture and beliefs, it seems appropriate that she might pursue a major in philosophy or theology. Astronomy, religion and philosophy are intertwined in many ways, as demonstrated throughout the story of Thomasin’s journey. The Big Bang Theory, for example, is intertwined within many religions and even anti- religions. Taoism suggests that the universe is self-generated, supporting the astronomical beliefs that the universe was created as a result of the Big Bang and that the universe is constantly expanding. The very foundation of Buddhism states that we are all interconnected. There is room within the Big Bang Theory both for atheists, who reject the existence of gods , and for theists who believe that God, in one form or another, is responsible for the Big Bang. Marxism asserted that either God created the universe or that matter might explain
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Unformatted text preview: everything. Muslims also believe that the universe had a beginning, as supported by the Big Bang Theory. Immanual Kant, who argued both sides of the theological argument in typical philosophical fashion, studied the universe and its creation extensively. Though his position evolved over time, he always believed that the universe had a beginning. Nearly everything within astronomy relates in some way to philosophy and religion. Every new discovery raises new questions that cause us to reflect on our existence – how the universe began, who and what else is out there, how it will end and everything in between. Depending on one’s perspective, astronomy and related theories such as the Big Bang Theory, may either give proof of the existence of a god or proof of non-existence. Either way, astronomy causes us to think much in the way that philosophy or theology does....
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unit_4_essay - everything Muslims also believe that the...

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