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Jackie Kolasny Net-Jaguar Mural 09/29/10 Teotihuacan is known to be the largest city in Mesoamerica during the Classic period. The occupants of the city, known as Teotihuacanos, lived in apartment complexes found in the Tetitla compound. Many murals and artworks have been discovered in this area; one artwork in particular is known as the Net-Jaguar Mural. Fresco painting, which is done when pigment is applied onto wet plaster, was the technique used to create the mural in the Early Classic Period around 150AD to 650AD. The mural is roughly two feet wide and seven feet long. The main portion of the mural depicts a Net-Jaguar processing towards a temple that is in the classic Teotihuacan talud-tablero architecture. The background of the mural is a red color with darker red spikes coming down from the left side of blue, green and red curved stripes. There are about ten of these sections of spikes and curved stripes all along the background of the mural. It gives the art a sort of complicated, yet intriguing look. On the left and right of the mural there are even more complex designs including green laces along the edges of blue and green vertical stripes. The colors appear very vivid and show that the mural is of something of importance. Further to the inside of the border, there are six sideways tassels that are blue, red, green
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Net-jaguar mural - Jackie Kolasny Net-Jaguar Mural...

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