The Crossed-Aldol Rxn

The Crossed-Aldol Rxn - 141.6C, a temperature consistant...

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The Crossed-Aldol Condensation Performed on 7/1/10 Results: Unknown aldehyde X (.21g), one of three aldehydes, was obtained and reacted with 0.05mL of acetone in 0.7mL of 2N NaOH solution to form one of the three aldehyde products referred to in Table 1 of the prelab. This was achieve through a crossed-aldol condensation reaction. After the reaction was completed the crude product was weighed (0.79g) and purified through recrystalization. After recrystalization the melting point was determined to be 133.3-135.6°C. This melting point was inconsistent with any of the known product melting points and so a second test was run and found to be 139.2-
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Unformatted text preview: 141.6C, a temperature consistant with the melting point of 1,9-diphenyl-1,3,6,8-nonatetraen-5-one. A TLC analysis was taken of the starting material X, crude product, and the recrystalized product in 80:20 and 90:10 hexane:ethyl acetate. The Rf values in 80:20 hexane:ethyl acetate solution were .33mm (aldehyde X), .32mm (crude product), and.30mm (recrystalized product). The Rf values in 90:10 hexane:ethyl acetate solution were .22mm (aldehyde X), .18mm (crude product), and.16mm (recrystalized product). The final weight of the recrystalized product was found to be 0.04g giving a 20.51% percent yield....
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