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Nicanor (Seleucid general) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search This article relies largely or entirely upon a single source . Please help improve this article by introducing appropriate citations of additional sources. (March 2008) This article's introduction section may not adequately summarize its contents . To comply with Wikipedia's lead section guidelines , please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of the article's key points. Nicanor (born ??? BC - died 161 BC; pronounced ni-ka'-nor, ni'-ka-nor (Nikanor) was a Syrian- Seleucid General under Antiochus Epiphanes and Demetrius Soter . Contents [ hide ] 1 Early Military career 2 Under King Demetrius 3 Death 4 Variant account in 2 Maccabees 5 References [ edit ] Early Military career The son of Patroclus and one of the king's "chief friends" ( 2 Macc 8:9), After the defeat of Seron by Judas Maccabeus at the Battle of Beth Horon , Epiphanes entrusted his chancellor Lysias with the destruction of Judea ( 1 Macc 3:34). Nicanor was one of the three generals commissioned by Lysias-the others being Ptolemy son of Dorymenes , and Gorgias (1 Macc]] 3:38). The campaign began in 166 BC; the Syrians were defeated at Emmaus (1 Macc 3:57), while Gorgias at a later stage gained a victory at Jamnia over a group of Jews who disobeyed Judas Maccabeus (1 Macc 5:58). The account given in 2 Maccabees differs considerably, both in omissions and in additions (2 Macc 8:9). There Nicanor, not Gorgias, is the chief in command. The battle of Emmaus is not mentioned, but "the thrice-accursed Nicanor," having in overweening pride invited a thousand slavedealers to accompany him to buy the Jewish captives, was humiliated, and his host was destroyed, he himself escaping "like a fugitive slave" to Antioch (2 Macc 8:34 f). [ edit ] Under King Demetrius After the death of Epiphanes, Eupator and Lysias (the last two at the hands of Demetrius (1 Macc 7:2)), Nicanor appears again under King Demetrius in the struggle between Alcimus and Judas. Alcimus, having been seated in the priesthood by Demetrius's officer Bacchides , could not hold it against Judas and the patriots. He appealed again to Demetrius, who this time selected Nicanor, now governor of Cyprus (2 Macc 12:2) and known for his deadly hatred of the Jews, to settle the dispute and slay Judas (2 Macc 14:12; 1 Macc 7:26). Nicanor was appointed governor of Judea
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on this occasion. Again 1 and 2 Maccabees differ. According to 1 Maccabees, Nicanor sought in vain to seize Judas by treachery. Then followed the
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Dream - Nicanor(Seleucid general From Wikipedia the free...

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