L35 - e;+ **n,q {nr < \ttr, Jr( -' / ilntzi u*[...

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\ ?6 L\fU-{t-- ;ksAr:b'Slo,^ Vd".'.i$)t<a 1".5a :(,.: *,r[-l (;U,e +- __(i--1. n** +l*-J- S ,^r=oLa-.*I( a.- \.t.e-{ T ^- J-{^*- cts--pq} .-,,4 tr ^^fA \E fr. \ r) dLo- o-vtn-11 '.tr.'.S t . *' I].-r."lr o* ,)*+ eF, b.$ :>Y:il-,lt* (g <N> ;^ d. ;'[[1u^* , | -(*,p-ou6,d*t4 I : (o"#:"-U-q /. , t **"T^ / H. d-;'F \ffirt'bq We-lo{fy T^ d'4> q$nr ( a d U u/FR.- =F\reru <J.rs tl lf t.-ot f+ 'rlo* avr-.rs La lo) *" ..J\ qd- s-- *Jt*j,;tfr ( *f q.- ^^oto.-,t{fl t^=:**', 1-^ "[*l r 4 r.. 0 A t;, -+ €n ,") i" ] l\, r{i,^-t + / t;^k b<F."rc-e,". n*ih fi v aXo of.f ?^) tr "* t"l l*') ",e- '--.\ T+ ?G"/a" @,') T (- t*0 *) Iu L+z.l (;c
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Unformatted text preview: e;+ **n,q {nr &lt; \ttr, Jr( -' / ilntzi u*[ (.-.- / = rL n 2r( @ .--(^rtj-L! l-l i-l ;rf9&quot; &quot;rf 4 tt =I Z =J. Z ld.nr J P PI {\ t: i\ t) ,n 1-\ u5) 4\ bt,.er J 6t i- Hnr&quot; ) I - tt \ zc/ _ t(*/ m5trtu \,9t1 u*-_o1 i- J.r ..t t C=-LtYst-A C ,rn.-g&lt; I o \21 tA3= r\-stA I Sr*# /v. .-e't-*c-&quot;J'4{ q4 snho-ten + --tli*A^ ,-.)^** u act-cL dct-eZ rn_ca._-o_\\ qr^o gg - S-e. .S fto yr-\4 s tdn-'no{- a- t^.--o\' e*Jq w:av QA e,.,ti*$[*o *Lo Qn- +ve-'trf-rftfir*sn&quot;^ N'=NJ^^-tr c*r,r/t t= L--Gt r&quot;\-QA y) ., L_ =kt *zi-/ f *[o&quot;'-t* -a U c-- () s tN. ..^ +l-e- v-otur^.*-...
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This note was uploaded on 10/09/2010 for the course PHYS 664 taught by Professor Robertszoszkiewicz during the Spring '10 term at Kansas State University.

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L35 - e;+ **n,q {nr &amp;amp;lt; \ttr, Jr( -' / ilntzi u*[...

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