Chapter 1-2 Questions (STAT-200)

Chapter 1-2 Questions (STAT-200) - Tommy Y Choi STAT-200...

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Tommy Y. Choi STAT-200 OL1 Chapter 1-2 Questions:  6) Sampling Method:  Is the sample a Voluntary Response Sample?  Why or  why not? The sampling method given in exercise 5 is a voluntary response sample because the people who involved with the Weight Watchers weight loss program have an interest and are more likely to respond to the newspaper advertisements and television publicity. 12) Calculators:  When each of the 25 statistics students turn on his or her  TI-84 Plus calculator, all 25 calculators operate successfully.  C) Possible & Likely; as long as the calculators are working properly when given to the students it is possible. Also, it could also depend on the type of student and how long it is issued to the student. But the chances of any breaking immediately are unlikely to occur right away, I believe. Chapter 1-3 Questions 18)  Blood Pressure: When a woman is randomly selected and measured  for blood pressure, the systolic blood pressure is found to be 61mm Hg. 
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Chapter 1-2 Questions (STAT-200) - Tommy Y Choi STAT-200...

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