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Court Decisions - plan if they refused their benefits would...

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Checkpoint / Court Decisions JUDGE STALLS MICH. DRUG TESTING PROGRAM FOR WELFARE APPLICANTS I do not agree with this article, I believe people are coming to the county assistance off for help not to validate there human rights. What I do not understand is what they are going to do with the people who come there to apply for welfare when they are trying to get into a drug program, turn them away. What got me in the article was under the program, welfare applicants who refuse to be tested would be denied benefits. Clients testing positive for drug use would be required to complete a specified treatment
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Unformatted text preview: plan; if they refused, their benefits would decrease by 25 percent. With the economy going like it is how could you deny people benefits. However I do understand that supporters of the program say it is necessary because substance use poses a significant barrier to employment, but I believe this law should not be passes. If they do pass the law how will the government ran programs get funded for the one who receive public assistance and get methadone. Oh I forgot that they might not consider this a drug because it is legal....
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