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Week 2 - Chapter 3 Conference (STAT-200)

Week 2 - Chapter 3 Conference (STAT-200) - (STAT200...

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I NTRODUCTION   TO  S TATISTICS  (S TAT -200) W EEK  #2 C ONFERENCE Descriptive Measures of Center & Variance This week we are discussing measures of central tendency and  variability.  These include the mean, median, and mode followed by variance  and standard deviation (from the center). DISCUSSION TOPIC (REQUIRED): (READ POSTING  FORMATTING GUIDELINES BELOW TABLE) You are a high school math teacher. The state has established standardized final exams that all of your students must take when they finish your course. Your RAISE, and for that matter your JOB, depend on the results of that exam. IF the AVERAGE score of your students is less than (<) 70, you will NOT get a raise. IF it is greater than (>) 80 you will get a 5% cash bonus. However, if it is <60 you will be TERMINATED. I have set up FOUR classes with four different sets of 25 exam scores. Go to the Class List in our course and if your name is number 1 thru 7, use class "A", 8 thru 14 class "B", 15 thru 21 class "C", and 22 thru the last number class "D" FOR YOUR CLASS ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS IN  THIS CONFERENCE (DON'T NEED TO SUBMIT IT TO THE ASSIGNMENT FOLDER): 1. Find the mean, median and mode AND the Range (You don't have to but can you create the five number summary?)
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2. Are you keeping your job, getting a raise, or getting fired BASED ON THE AVERAGE (MEAN)? 3. What do you think is causing the difference in these measures of Central Tendency? 4. Is there a better or fairer measure of CT than the mean in this situation? 5. Is there anything you would CHALLENGE about any of the scores (data points) in your class that affected your mean? What would you suggest doing about those data AND a possible JUSTIFICATION for doing so?
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Week 2 - Chapter 3 Conference (STAT-200) - (STAT200...

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