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ECE230A_Homework-1 - ECE230A Homework#1 Use Homework due...

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ECE230A Homework #1 Homework due: October 8, 2009 Please submit your homework electronically BOTH in “word” and in “pdf”. Use equation editor for equations, if any. 1. Provide a photograph of yourself and a brief self-introduction (3-4 sentences about your background, current status, and study/research interest). 2. Many III-V compound semiconductors such as GaAs and InP have two cleavage planes (110) and (1 ī 0). You can cut the crystal along these two planes to create mirror-like facets. This is how semiconductor lasers are fabricated (i.e. using the cleaved planes as reflecting mirrors). For a (211) GaAs wafer, find a. the cleavage plane(s) that can cut through the (211) wafer with a mirror-like
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