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ECE230A_Homework-1_Solution - ECE230A Fall 2009 Solution...

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ECE230A Fall 2009 Solution for Homework #1 1 1. Provide a photograph of yourself and a brief self-instruction (3~4 sentences about your background, current status and study/research interest) 2. Many III-V compound semiconductors such as GaAs and InP have two cleavage planes (110) and (1 ī 0). You can cut the crystal along these two planes to create mirror-like facets. This is how semiconductor lasers are fabricated (i.e. using the cleaved planes as reflecting mirrors). For a (211) GaAs wafer, find (a) the cleavage plane(s) that can cut through the (211) wafer with a mirror-like facet, (b) the plane that is normal to both the (211) plane and the cleavage plane(s) in (a). The planes you find in (a) and (b) are normally the “major flat” and “minor flat” of an otherwise circular wafer. ANS: (a) The two cleavage planes belong to the family of plane {110}. The planes of the {110} are ሺ110ሻ, ሺ11 0ሻ, ሺ101ሻ, ሺ101 ሻ, ሺ011ሻ, ሺ011 The cleavage plane (abc) with (211) wafer should be perpendicular to (211) plane as well.
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