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ECE 222B, Winter 2010 Homework Set 6, Due March 11th 1. Assume that you are given a dielectric covered ground plane as shown in Figure 8-30 of Balanis. Assume that the height of the dielectric covering is h , the dielectric permittivity is ² d , and the permeability μ is ther same for both the dielectric and the vacuum regions. We wish to examine the propagation properties of the ideal TM z 0 mode; that is, the mode with a zero-frequency cutoff and vector potential A z ( y,z ) = A d sin( β yd y )exp( z z ) for y < h , and A z ( y,z ) = A 0 exp( - αy )exp( z z ) for y > h , and where A d and A 0 are constants. (a) Since β yd 0 and α 0 as ω 0, use a small argument expansion in frequency to demonstrate that
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