265AHW1Winter10 - ECE 265A Homework #1 (TA:...

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ECE 265A Homework #1 (TA: suk006@ucsd.edu) Due Tuesday Jan. 26, 2010 In-Class. No late homeworks accepted. 1) 20 pts. The “Level-0” NMOS transistor that we discussed in class consists of a gate-source capacitance, gate resistor, and transconductance. However, you have probably seen a more complicated small signal model for the NMOS that includes a gate-drain capacitance. a. Derive the fT of a transistor that includes the gate-drain capacitance. (15) b. Typically, the gate-drain capacitance is small compared to the gate-source capacitance. Simplify the expression you derived in the previous part for a small ratio of gd gs C C . (2) c. Does the gate resistance factor into the fT expressions that you derived? Why not? (3) 2) 10 pts. A network that you are designing consists of an inductor, 1 L , with quality factor, 1 Q . To accommodate a design change, you decide to add a series inductor, 2 L , with quality factor, 2 Q . a. What is the quality factor of the series combination of the two inductors in terms of the variables described above? (4)
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265AHW1Winter10 - ECE 265A Homework #1 (TA:...

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