265AHW2Winter10 - ECE 265A Homework #2 (TA:...

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ECE 265A Homework #2 (TA: suk006@ucsd.edu) Due Thursday Feb. 18, 2010 In-Class. No late homeworks accepted. 1) 40 pts. Below is an ideal voltage amplifier that has been characterized with uncorrelated noise sources, a v and a i . You want to build a transimpedance amplifier by placing a shunt resistor across the amplifier. Assume that the input of the voltage amplifier is a common source NMOS device. You may solve the problem using any technique discussed in class. First, let us consider how this amplifier works. a. Calculate the transimpedance transfer function (the ratio of the output voltage to input current) in terms of the Rf, Av, and Cgs. What happens to the midband transimpedance for large Av? What happens to the pole for large Av? (8) b. Calculate the input impedance (the transfer function of input current to input voltage. What is the response for large Av? (5) Now let us consider how noise in this amplifier works. c.
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265AHW2Winter10 - ECE 265A Homework #2 (TA:...

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