ADV-worksheet1 - 1 As consumers exercise ever-greater...

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1. As consumers exercise ever-greater individual control over when and how they receive information, how are advertisers adapting their messages? What is the role, if any, for traditional media outlets in this new environment? Some advertisers are “going with the flow” by allowing consumers to contribute to content. Others have realized they are going to have to become part of consumers’ daily lives in more subtle ways. Ex. Coca Cola spending $20 million to have Coke cups on the desks of the judges during American Idol. 2. Explain the differences among regional advertising, local advertising, and cooperative advertising. What would you look for in an ad to identify it as a cooperative ad? Producers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers that concentrate their efforts in a relatively large, but not national, geographic region carry out regional advertising. Depending on the nature of the firm’s markets, it places advertising only in regions where it has stores. Local advertising is directed at an audience in a single trading area, either a city or state. Retailers with local markets use all types of local media to reach customers. Cooperative advertising is the sharing of advertising expenses between national companies and local merchants. Only under special circumstances will national companies share advertising expenses in a market with local dealers to achieve specific advertising objectives. You would look for the local retailer’s name (along with the nationally well-known product brand name) that is advertising that they have that specific product/brand. 3.
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ADV-worksheet1 - 1 As consumers exercise ever-greater...

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