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Lab 7 – Final Project – Programmable Processor Module: Introductory thoughts: This will probably be, and still remain, one of the most confusing labs you will ever see in your life. This will also be the longest set of lecture notes you’ll ever receive from me and most likely the final installment of lecture notes. I am choosing not to TA this course again for the rest of my career as a graduate student. Though it was really great teaching you guys, the amount of preparation required for this course isn’t worth it. For you 2 nd year guys, I will be TAing ELE 404: Electronic Circuits next Winter since my supervisor is one of the professors for that course, so I may see some of you guys again next semester. I will also be TAing ELE 532: Signals and Systems next September since my supervisor is also a professor for that course, so I may see some of you guys again next year as well. My section or sections for ELE 404 is yet to be determined. It will be determined later on in the semester. I’d like to see some of you guys again, but my section does have a limit and I’m not sure if you’re able to change sections over RAMSS. However, one of my buddies, Mike Hall , will also be TAing the course with me and he’s also very good. If you can’t get into my section, go to him and you’ll do just as great. I’m also thinking this will be the last time I ever need to make lecture notes since the courses I will be TAing later on don’t require nitty gritty details as seen in this course. In terms of this lab, there is too much theory in this lab to know, but when you finally understand what you need to do, this lab isn’t much work at all. To be very, very, honest… I didn’t get this lab the first time I did it. Now when I look at it, it’s a piece of cake. It’s a trait of what happens when you get older. Things that didn’t make sense a while back make sense now because your mind matures. Now I just sound like an old fart that’s blabbing on about nothing, but the point is, I didn’t get this lab the first time around, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get this the first time around either. Just read these lecture notes and you’ll be fine. Objectives: What you will be seeing in this lab is the basic elements that make up a microprocessor that exists in computers, iPods, PlayStations and so on. You’ll be working with a microprocessor unit that Ryerson profs designed Eons ago and you’ll also be getting knee deep into it by deriving the instruction sets ( more on this later ) for a microprocessor and actually coding a simple program at the microprocessor level as opposed to the high-level language level such as C or Java. You will not be implementing this project in VHDL and using the CPLDs. Lab 6 will be the last time you ever code a lab in VHDL for the course. You will see it on the exam obviously. You Comp Eng’s will see VHDL again two more times: In 3 rd and in 4 th year. For you Electricals, you will never see VHDL again in your life after this course nor will you deal with digital circuits ever again, unless
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lab7lecturenotes - Lab 7 Final Project Programmable...

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